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“I liked that Dr. Larry was so accommodating, personalized, and caring to help me out the way he did when my own dentist could not do what was needed. His knowledge is truly amazing. I also was pleasantly surprised and relieved that he didn’t hurt me a bit and this was a root canal procedure. I highly recommend him.”

“They are amazing. I have sent my friends and family to them also. They are very caring people, and have a lot of dental practice experience. They really know what they are doing and I am confident in their abilities.”

“I would highly recommend him and he deserves to be Diamond Certified.”

“He’s a great dentist. He’s detail-oriented and very concerned about the quality of his work. He is also very caring.”

“My whole family goes to them because they do excellent work. We are all very pleased with their services.”

“They are patient, caring, understanding and they work with you to keep you as pain free as possible. I really appreciate that. I like their professionalism, courtesy, and the quality of their work. They are very knowledgeable and experienced and stay current in their field. I know I am in good hands and am very satisfied.”

“(On a scale of ‘10’) I would give him a ’15’. I can honestly say that I like everything. He’s very gentle, very thorough, and he explains everything. He’s great.”

“When I went to him, I had a fear of dentists. Because of him, my fear of dentists is just about gone. I like that he’s honest. He lets you know what to expect and what’s going on. There are no surprises. He accommodates me. He gives me coloring books and toothbrushes, so I can explain things to my kids. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.”

“They are very exacting and detailed in their work. They are perfectionists and I like that in a dentist.”

“He’s as good as everyone says.”

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